Saturday, August 17, 2013

The Games We Play At

When I was a kid I enjoyed playing at war. No, I don’t mean video games. I grew up in time when kids knew what real play was. Real play was movement, it was outdoors, it was imagination running on overdrive.

We didn’t need much in the way of props for hours of pleasure. Toy guns sufficed, and if they weren’t available, a stick would do. T-shirt and jeans, transformed by our imaginations, became dirtied, bloodied fatigues. We enjoyed playing at war, but as true veterans know, playing at war and really waging it are two very different things.

I wonder how many of us play at Christianity more than we live Christianity for real. I include myself in this in this inquiry, by the way.

Monday, August 12, 2013

The Battle Begins HERE!

As a Catholic husband and father I find our recent losses in the culture wars disturbing, to say the least. I am raising my children in a world that wants to redefine God’s institutions, reform religious thinking, and do violence to the Christian conscience. The popular culture seems intent to undermine, in effect, my efforts to educate my children in the ways of Christ.